top 10 most beautiful teen celebs


Born on: July 22, 1992Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is BEAUTIFUL, charming, incredibly warm and is dating one of the hottestteen celebrities  around. Bieber fans, jealous? Selena also seems like the ideal girl next door who is a hoot to hang out with and I love that her smile makes you want to smile. Let’s not forget her AMAZING sense of style and the fact that she has her own clothing line! I would also kill for her hair.

Love life: If you haven’t heard about the Selena-Bieber affair, you have most definitely been living under a rock. I’m not a Bieber fan but I do think these two make the cutest couple!See her next: in Thirteen Reasons Why as Hannah Baker.


Born on: Feb 23, 1994
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is delightful, is a splendid actress has a fabulous sense of style and is quickly growing into a gorgeous young woman. Maybe it’s a tad unfair to have both sisters on this list but they are both so amazing and I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Dakota! She transforms herself with such ease, no matter what the role and it’s always a pleasure to watch her. You know what I love most about her? That she could be anyone’s best friend.

Love life: Rumored to be dating English actor Freddie Highmore back in 2009.
See her next: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2as the evil Jane Volturi and as Tessa Scott in Now is Good.


Born on: Feb 19, 1993
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: of her oh-so-pretty face, her undeniable singing talent and the fact that she’s just so sweet. Of course it helps that she seems to be getting hotter with each passing day and I would kill for that hair! Seriously, I would.

Love life: Victoria is dating hottie Ryan Rottman. Now those two make a good looking couple!
See her next: in teen comedy-drama film The First Time.


Born on: Feb 10, 1997
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is an absolute breath of fresh air! I loved her hauntingly touching performance in Let me In (Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet) and her “kick-ass” role as Hit-Girl. There’s no denying that Chloe is insanely talented and I cannot wait to see more from her! When it comes to style, this gorgeous young diva is light years ahead of her age, always chic and never afraid to push boundaries. 

Love life: Chloe isn’t officially dating anyone right now.
See her next: in Dark Shadows alongside Johnny Depp. Lucky girl!


Born on: Aug 26, 1993
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is so incredibly talented! Not just in the singing department but in the acting department as well . Keke stars alongside legends like Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton in her soon to be released Joyful Noise. Normally, I would think anyone acting alongside these two doesn’t stand a chance but something about Keke’s powerful pipes and adorable dimpled smile tells me she’s special.

Love life: currently dating Rodney King.
See her next: in a bunch of movies this year, Joyful Noise, Rags and Virgin Mary.


Born on: August 20 1992
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is such an inspiration to teens all over! She has suffered through bullying, eating disorders, cutting, bipolar disorder and of course heartbreak and has emerged stronger than ever. I love that she is more than willing to share her story. I love that she’s unaffected by the media calling her fat and other harsh names (Fat? Her? Are they blind?! )#). And most of all, I love her honest songs and her heavenly voice!

Love life: We all know about her much publicized love affair with Joe Jonas after which she was dating Wilmer Valderrama but it looks like the duo have recently split. Apparently the huge age difference (He’s 31 she’s 19) got to them eventually.
See her next: making more heartwarming music.


Born on: April 9, 1998
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: I can’t believe this gorgeous girl is only 13! We once knew her as Dakota Fanning’s little sister but with each passing day, she proves that she is a force on her own and is as talented as her sister if not more. Every time I see a new photoshoot with Elle, I’m left with my mouth wide open. She’s not only beautiful but has an adorable sense of style and is incredibly grounded. Do we need any more reasons to add her to this list?

Love life: I don’t think anything has quite happened in that area yet. Either that or the media just hasn’t discovered it yet.
See her next: in upcoming movie Vivaldi.


Born on: Feb 10, 1991
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: Young fashion icon. Talented actress. Delightful singer. As Julia Roberts’ niece, pretty Emma does have some big shoes to fill but I think she’s doing a wonderful job so far. The only thing that worries me is that she’s apparently taking a break from Sarah Lawrence College for work reasons. Aw, Emma, you’re young! You have plenty of working years ahead of you…

Love life: Emma is apparently dating Glee cutie Chord Overstreet.                            

See her next: Nothing is in the works right now but I’m sure that will change soon.


Born on: May 14, 1993
Hottest Teen Celebrity because: Can you believe how much and how wonderfully she’s grown since playing teacher’s pet, Summer in School of Rock?! Not only is she as pretty as a petal but she’s also an amazingly talented actress and singer as well. With plenty of awards to her name and a spot as the highest paid child actress in the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records, looks like there’s no other way for Miranda to go but up! The best part about her is that she has managed to remain sane amidst the insane success!

Love life: This one is a mystery as Miranda has never really revealed who her boyfriend is/was. She was supposedly dating Natt Wolff at one point but neither ever confirmed it.
See her next: as the voice of Margo in Despicable Me 2.


Born on: November 23, 1992

Hottest Teen Celebrity because: she is who she is and you can take it or leave it. You can scream, you can run but you can’t hide from the Miley phenomenon although I do want to die a little every time I see anything Hannah Montana related. It’s amazing to see the kind of effect this Disney’s wonder child has on her fans. Of course, Miley has got a lot of flak for being an “irresponsible role model” and I agree that when you’re in the spotlight you need to be more cautious than the rest of us normal folk but I do appreciate that she’s never made excuses for her behavior. In her words, “I’m not perfect…I made a mistake…I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans. ”

Love life: Miley is currently dating the gorgeous Liam Hemsworth and they seem to have a great thing going!
See her next: in So Undercover, an action comedy film

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