Top 10 cars for business men

If you work hard, you have to drive in style. If you don’t have enough money to throw it away on an expensive car, don’t worry your time will come. Below I have compiled a list of the top 10 cars businessmen drive. In business, you always want luxury and speed. These cars provide just that.

1. Mercedes E-350

This car is all about style, luxury and elegance. Everything about the car just yells business. The car has a very stylish body with a very comfortable interior. The car is very spacious on the inside and has a great design on the inside and outside. This is one of the most popular business vehicles that men and women enjoy driving.
Horsepower: 302
MPG (City/Highway): 20/30
Engine: V6 - 3. 5L Gasoline
Price: Starting at $51, 000 MSRP (New)

2. BMW 528i Sedan

This car has a really simple look to it but is yet so advanced. BMW always does a great job in designing stunning vehicles and this one is absolutely gorgeous. This car is very comfortable and has very good fuel efficiency for a car this size.
Horsepower: 240
MPG (City/Highway): 24/34
Engine: 4 Cylinder Engine, 2. 0 Liter
Price: Starting from $47, 500 MSRP (New)

3. Audi A4 Sedan

This car is one of my personal favorites. The Audi A4 is a sexy and smooth car that grabs attention on the road. This car is sleek and extremely comfortable while having all the features of far more expensive vehicles. The Audi A4 comes at a very low price and is simply stunning.
Horsepower: 211
MPG (City/Highway): 24/31
Engine: 4 Cylinder, 2. 0 Liter Turbocharged
Price: Starting at $32, 500 MSRP (New)

4. Lexus IS250

This is a smaller car than the others mentioned above, but it still packs a strong punch. Not only does this car have a beautiful look to it, but it’s as comfortable as they get. It may be small on the outside, but it has plenty of room on the inside.
Horsepower: 204
MPG (City/Highway): 20/27
Engine: 2. 5 Liter V6
Price: Starting at $33, 595 MSRP (New)

5. Chrysler 300C

This car is part of the luxury series and for good reason. This car takes luxury to a whole NEW level. Chrysler may not be a very popular brand, but this vehicle should be ranked amongst the top.
Horsepower: 292
MPG (City/Highway): 27/21
Engine: 6 Cylinder, 3. 7 Liter
Price: Starting at $28, 670 MSRP (New)

6. Range Rover Sport

How can you not like the Range Rover? This car has a commanding look and feel to it. When you drive it, you feel like you are totally in charge of the road. This car has a stunning design and a glorious interior that you can fall asleep in.
Horsepower: 375
MPG (City/Highway): 14/17
Engine: 8 Cylinder, 5. 0 Liter
Price: Starting at $60, 895 MSRP (New)

7. Cadillac XTS

How can you look at a Cadillac and not think of business? For some reason, this car has developed the stereotype of being the perfect business vehicle. This car brings luxury, comfort and a stylish design at a very affordable price.
Horsepower: 300
MPG (City/Highway): 17/28
Engine: 3. 6 Liter, V6
Price: Starting at $44, 075 MSRP (New)

8. Chevrolet Corvette

Forget about the family and kids! The Corvette is all about speed and showing off. The car is absolutely beautiful and is a head turner on the streets. Although the car doesn’t have much of a backseat, it sure is one hell of a ride.
Horsepower: 430
MPG (City/Highway): 14/17
Engine: V8
Price: Starting at $49, 600 MSRP (New)

9. Jaguar XF

Okay, you are going to have to break the bank a little bit for this beauty! The only word that comes to mind when I try to describe this car is “sexy”. This car is fast, beautiful and as luxurious as they come.
Horsepower: 385
MPG (City/Highway): 15/21
Engine: 5. 0 Liter, V8
Price: Starting at $53, 000 MSRP (New)

10. Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Before I go any further, I want to let you know that I am biased to this car because this is what I own . Nevertheless, this is a great car. You don’t have to break your bank as badly as you do for the other cars and it has great performance and luxury.
Horsepower: 274
MPG (City/Highway): 20/31 (I do not get 20 on the City though. )#)
Engine: 4 Cylinder, 2. 0 Liter Turbo
Price: Starting at $24, 250 MSRP (New)

No matter what kind of business you are in, you must have some sort of appreciation for a nice car. If you think a car is missing from the list or would like to add your thoughts, please feel free to comment below.

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